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Business & Workforce Development Meeting

Tuesday, December 19, 04:00 PM - Tuesday, December 19, 05:00 PM

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Tuesday, December 19 4 p.m.

The holidays in all their forms and expressions are here! We have a little memento for you and a lot to celebrate! So, let’s get together one last time before the end of 2017…

… and then let’s get to work!



  • Emerging Sectors in Irvine: Want to know what businesses are taking off in Irvine? Be there for the roll-out and discussion of new research completed on Emerging Sectors in Irvine!
  • Job Discovery Day: Help us build out the impact of Job Discovery Day for our middle and high school students – we need company connections and resources.
  • Career Edge: Volunteer to mentor at February’s Career Edge workshop – we need people who know how to help young people become more effective workplace contributors.
  • Business Outreach Rally: Never too soon to start planning the next Business Outreach Rally in April – we need your advice on geographic versus vertical, new survey questions and more.





International Development Committee Meeting

Tuesday, December 26, 12:00 PM - Tuesday, December 26, 01:00 PM

Categories: IDC

Tuesday, December 26, 2017 – Meeting CANCELLED for Holidays

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, January 30, 2018 NOON

  • OC World Trade Week Breakfast & Forum: work to be done on detailing the power-packed program, sponsorships, selling tables and marketing
  • “Gateway to Irvine/OC”: hear and discuss the results, recommendations and actions of this Task Force
  • Irvine/OC international coalition-building: what’s it look like, what do we offer, what are the benefits? 
  • 2018 FDI Mission to U.K.: itinerary, companies, organizations and plans – connect and help set the stage for the next “reverse mission” for Fall 2018.





Career Edge -- Practical Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Saturday, February 03, 08:30 AM

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Learn the value of building critical thinking skills; learn how to apply these skills to individual and organizational situations and scenarios; explore the ethics and core values associated with decision-making; gain confidence in tackling problems, developing alternatives and assessing solutions and risk; improve your decision making capacity.

What is Career Edge? Career Edge is a simple but important solution to a challenge that Orange County companies face: new employees who lack satisfactory business writing, presentation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

What will Career Edge do for me? Career Edge will help you to increase your confidence and ability to impress potential employers. You’ll test and polish your learned skills, build effective communication skills, and develop your ability to express yourself clearly. And, quite possibly, you’ll increase your chances of getting and keeping a good job.

Who should take advantage of Career Edge? Anyone who wants to have an edge over the competition as well as those who want to master the art of effectively communicating with others can benefit from Career Edge.



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