Business & Workforce Development

Business Attraction & Retention Committee merges with Education & Workforce Development

Combining the strengths, assets and intellectual capital of the Business Attraction & Retention Committee with the Education & Workforce Development Committee generates greater synergies between the two core missions – attracting and retaining businesses depends upon a 21st century workforce and a 21st century workforce needs a robust economy and 21st century industry sectors! Working together, we anticipate that the outcomes will better support this essential economic development strategy. The Business & Workforce Development Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. at the Greater Irvine Chamber.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 @ 4:00 p.m. at the Chamber offices

It’s time to get ready for our July’s Economic Vitality Council!

The Greater Irvine Chamber will be rolling out five key strategic areas of emphasis for the next fiscal year. We need your help to align our work of the B & WD with these strategic areas so we can optimize our resources and outcomes. This is your opportunity to weigh in and shape the July EVC meeting:

·         Bring your best questions and ideas about how to enhance, change and improve existing programs.

·         Bring your new ideas for programs or initiatives for discussion.

·         Bring your opinions, perspectives and experiences to a variety of economic, workforce and business issues.

June 19th’s meeting will be an open forum and planning session that will help us develop and deliver the most informative and productive EVC yet!


BAR Taskforces chart

Each bubble represents an area of focus for this committee.


Brian Anderson

Chair: Brian Andersen

Brian Dozer

Chair: Brian Dozer

Brian MontesVice Chair: Brian Montes, Committee Resources

Vice Chair: John Kurth,       Committee Membership


Business & Workforce Development Committee Mission Statement

The BWD Committee will work to educate, inform, retain, grow, and expand existing businesses in Irvine. The BWD Committee will create task forces that manage or mitigate business challenges and issues, support business development, and provide data, research, and information that informs and inspires business owners and managers and encourages start up businesses.