Business & Workforce Development

Business Attraction & Retention Committee merges with Education & Workforce Development

Combining the strengths, assets and intellectual capital of the Business Attraction & Retention Committee with the Education & Workforce Development Committee generates greater synergies between the two core missions – attracting and retaining businesses depends upon a 21st century workforce and a 21st century workforce needs a robust economy and 21st century industry sectors! Working together, we anticipate that the outcomes will better support this essential economic development strategy.

August 15, 2017, 4:00 PM

Combining two of the Chamber’s high performing committees - Business Attraction & Retention with Education & Workforce Development - doubles our capacity to tackle Irvine’s biggest challenges and leverage our best opportunities!

Announced at the July 18th Economic Vitality Council meeting, these two powerhouse committees will now meet together on the third Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m. at the Chamber. Brian Dozer and Brian Anderson will Chair the Committee and John Kurth and Brian Montes will serve as Vice Chairs for committee membership and committee resources respectively.

So, what’s in store?

  • Help craft the new Mission Statement for the combined committee.
  • Tell us how we can optimize the assets of these two committees to produce better outcomes.
  • Chart the course for the new fiscal year:
    • Review EVC table work topics and results
    • Establish priorities
    • Get aboard your favorite Task Force.

The EVC brings together the talent, energy and expertise of Chamber members, education, and the business community to influence and impact the economic vitality of Irvine, its businesses and your business!


BAR Taskforces chart

Each bubble represents an area of focus for this committee.


Brian Anderson

Chair: Brian Andersen

Brian Dozer

Chair: Brian Dozer

Brian MontesVice Chair: Brian Montes, Committee Resources

Vice Chair: Brian Montes, Committee Membership


Business & Workforce Development Committee Mission Statement

The BWD Committee will work to educate, inform, retain, grow, and expand existing businesses in Irvine. The BWD Committee will create task forces that manage or mitigate business challenges and issues, support business development, and provide data, research, and information that informs and inspires business owners and managers and encourages start up businesses.

Business & Workforce Development Meeting Dates

(Every third Tuesday of the month 4 pm – 5:00 pm) All meetings held at the Greater Irvine Chamber.

Jan - No meeting (EVC)
May 16
Jun 20
July - No meeting (EVC)
Aug 15
Sep 19
Oct 17
Nov 21
Dec 19