Economic Vitality Council Overview

Economic Vitality Council

Economic Vitality Council

January 16, 2018 -  Forward Focus

4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Reception & Refreshments following the EVC event

Don’t miss this opportunity to join fellow members, colleagues and business community leadership as we debate, discuss and propose action on current business issues and challenges. Your opinions are essential, your perspectives invaluable. Together, we will set the course for 2018. Together, we can make a difference and positively influence the business environment and economic vitality of Irvine and Orange County!

To help you prepare and get ready for this EVC event, here are the questions we will be tackling:

  • According to a percentage of Business Outreach Rally responses and our conversations with Irvine companies, there are signs that attracting talent may be an increasing problem for our technology-based industries. This area produces 30,000 STEM graduates annually – but there is stiff competition for this talent. What more can the EVC and its committees do to help our companies attract and retain qualified talent?
  • Our Irvine/Orange County population is growing more diverse every day. While we are already partnering and collaborating with these new constituencies, what additional programs, initiatives and activities would you recommend the Chamber consider to more effectively outreach and create opportunities?
  • The Chamber is developing a plan of action to launch a regional business attraction strategy ( Southern California, Northern California and other western states) to persuade companies to relocate or expand here. Where would you go and why? And what kinds of things and activities would you recommend we do to help the Chamber raise Irvine’s profile among qualified prospects and gain their consideration?  
  • When you look at all the Chamber resources, activities, programs and connections, in your opinion, what could the Chamber consider doing more of, less of or add that will make us more effective in our work to help businesses and Irvine’s economy grow?
  • Knowing the economy and its primary industry sectors I Irvine/OC, what 21st century jobs and industries do you see emerging and growing and what can the EVC and its committees do to cultivate these emerging, growing job opportunities and strengthen Irvine’s opportunities?

The Economic Vitality Council (EVC) is the umbrella organization under which all Chamber-driven economic development work is conducted.

It is composed of two committees:

  • Business & Workforce Development
  • International Development

Funding for the Chamber's economic development work is made possible by the Hotel Improvement District's (HID) assessment on sold rooms. As a result, we are charged to enhance the greater Irvine business environment, help businesses grow and expand, attract new businesses, and encourage collaboration that builds our reputation and encourages startups. The Chamber's economic development work, committees, and task forces attract and engage talent and expertise from the business and education communities and government and non-profit organizations as well as Chamber members.

The committees meet monthly to review and discuss progress reports and recommendations. The Economic Vitality Council meets quarterly to share the committee and task force work with Chamber membership and community.

Organizational Chart

EVC Org Chart

Mission Statement

To empower the Chamber’s capacity to influence Irvine’s competitiveness in a global economy, attract new businesses, improve business retention, expand and grow businesses, help stabilize and energize start-ups and entrepreneurships, facilitate and expand international market opportunities, and cultivate a collaborative workforce development platform that fuels our future.