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Your Insider's Guide to Business Opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region

January 31, 2017

Category: Webinars

How would you like an inside track to a region of the world hungry for U.S. projects, ideas, and entrepreneurs? Consider forming an alliance with partners in the Asia-Pacific Region of the world. This region includes technology hubs such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, and India but also includes emerging technology regions in Vietnam and other countries. There is a great deal going on in these regions, as incubators, technology clusters, and government sponsorships are creating a “perfect storm” in a good way to develop technologies and open new markets.

Chris Nurse and Dr. Thanh Ngo of NamSource will give you a tour of the region and also talk about resources, contacts, and introductions that you can make to enhance your global presence, develop new products, and expand your revenue opportunities.