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The SBA Presents: Four Simple Ways to Improve Employee Engagement Now

December 31, 1969

Category: Webinars

70% of your people spend eight hours of everyday not fully engaged in their job. That means that 70% of the investment you make every month in payroll is underperforming. This is estimated to cost the US economy over $550B.  As a leader there is a cost to your business. While most leaders understand it is important to have every employee engaged, most don’t know what to do.

Join Marc Koehler, the President of Lead With Purpose, as he shares with you "The Engagement Blueprint" - a set of tools and best practices born out of Marc’s leadership experiences in the US Nuclear Submarine force. While serving, Marc learned that the key to success in a dynamically changing environment on missions critical to National Security was that leadership decisions were being made at every level of the team - not just directed from the top.

Lead With Purpose was formed to make these tools and best practices available to business leaders and show them how they can create their own engaged team that is empowered to make decisions. Attendees will receive a FREE 60 Day online Trial to create and manage their own one page business success plan.