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Protecting Your Global Brand and IP from the Inside Out

July 20, 2016

Category: Webinars

Sometimes your brand and your most sacred Intellectual Property can be under attack from your closest partners, employees or allies. Listen to real life stories of how internal shifts within your organization could jeopardize your most valuable assets.

In this exciting real-life story webinar, you'll learn how to assess your own blind spots and develop your own I.P. Protection shield internally, particularly when engaging in international commerce. From Trade Secrets to Trademarks to Brand Identity, once violations occur, damage control systems need to take place swiftly and sharply. This unique webinar will walk you thru the "what-ifs" to prepare you for a worst-case scenario plan of action!

Hosted by Suhein Beck, Founder/CEO of ELAJ, LLC., a manufacturer of natural skincare therapies for serious skin problems. Suhein has over 30 years of business experience that she weaves unique and funny stories into irresistible entrepreneurial do's and don'ts!