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Overcoming the Hurdles of Your Startup Company

June 15, 2016

Category: Webinars

It is a tremendous challenge to successfully launch a startup company. Product, financing, marketing, and other business issues can prevent a company from successfully launching or gaining the momentum necessary to become a stable enterprise. When faced with organizational challenges, entrepreneurs may concentrate on what they know well such as product development and allow other business issues to lag behind.

Even if your specialty isn't operational management, there are definitive steps you can take to ensure that your project will move beyond the startup phase into successful production and sales. In this webinar Robert Coleman, Host of the webinar series Irvine Builds Businesses and President of the Pacific Venture Club, will cover specific steps to help you:

  • Solve capital and financing issues
  • Gain an early advantage by establishing alliances and partnerships
  • Organize your company so that you receive support from others and build your management team
  • Successfully navigate the early-stage challenges that most startups face

Robert Coleman has been involved in business management for startups and growth companies for nearly 30 years. He has reviewed thousands of companies and acted as a management team member, advisor, and Board member for many different enterprises in multiple industries.