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Understanding Customer Sentiments Using Social Media

June 29, 2015

Category: Webinars, Irvine Builds Businesses (IBB)

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Sentiment in this context means opinions—and people have them. It is natural for humans to have them about what they observe and experience.  It is critical for businesses to measure the sentiments of their customers in order for them to create the products and provide services their customers like. But “sentiment” is very challenging to measure with precision. Twitter is one compelling resource to help you measure your customer’s opinions. By analyzing tweets, you can determine and measure the sentiments of your prospects and customers.

Dr. Ash Pahwa, Ph.D., is an educator, author, entrepreneur, and technology visionary with three decades of industry and academic experience. He will introduce you to the field of Sentiment analysis and provide practical tips on how you can start keeping track of and measuring your customers’ interests and needs using social media.