Business & Workforce Development

,, Attracting and retaining businesses depends upon a 21st-century workforce. The Business & Workforce Development Committee supports this essential economic development strategy. The Business & Workforce Development Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., at the Greater Irvine Chamber.

                                           Tuesday, August 20, 2019   

   At last month's EVC meeting we imagined what Irvine will be in the future.

This month, we'll tackle the notes, questions and comments that we gathered. We'll identify the issues we want to address, formulate Task Forces to address them and move forward. Join us as we get perspective on the best opportunities to use our influence and the role the chamber can use to advance initiatives.




The Business & Workforce Development Committee's taskforces help manage or mitigate business challenges and issues; support business and workforce development; provide data, research, and information for business leaders; and encourage startup enterprises.
To learn how to become involved, contact Pepper Russell.
BAR Taskforces chart


Brian Anderson

Brian Andersen
Chair, Business & Workforce Development Committee

Brian Dozer

Brian Dozer
Chair, Business & Workforce Development Committee

Brian MontesBrian Montes
Vice-Chair, Resources

Thomas LottsThomas Lotts
Vice-Chair, Membership






Mission Statement

The Business and Workforce Development Committee works to educate, inform, retain, grow, and expand existing businesses in Irvine.