Economic Vitality Council Overview

Economic Vitality Council

Funding for the Chamber's economic development work is made possible by the Hotel Improvement District's (HID) assessment on sold rooms. As a result, we are charged to enhance the greater Irvine business environment, help businesses grow and expand, attract new businesses, and encourage collaboration that builds our reputation and encourages startups. The Chamber's economic development work, committees, and task forces attract and engage talent and expertise from the business and education communities and government and non-profit organizations as well as Chamber members.

The committees meet to review and discuss progress reports and recommendations. The Economic Vitality Council meets bi-annually to share the committee and task force work with Chamber membership and community.

Organizational Chart

Economic Vitality Council Chair
Kate Klimow

Business & Workforce Development Committee Chairs
Brian Andersen
Brian Dozer
Brian Montes
Thomas Lotts

International Development Committee Chairs
Rima Nashashibi
Bill Edwards

For more information, contact:

Linda DiMario, Economic Development Consultant
Pepper Russell, Senior Manager, Economic Development

Economic Vitality Council Agendas & Minutes

Council Chair Kate Klimow
Council Chair Kate Klimow

Mission Statement

To empower the Chamber’s capacity to influence Irvine’s competitiveness in a global economy, attract new businesses, improve business retention, expand and grow businesses, help stabilize and energize start-ups and entrepreneurships, facilitate and expand international market opportunities, and cultivate a collaborative workforce development platform that fuels our future.