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The New Venture Financial Landscape

December 13, 2016

Category: Webinars

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Launching a new venture is a daunting task, and without funding it’s impossible.  Generally, there are three sources of funding: (1) customers/distributors/suppliers; (2) debt; and (3) equity.  Many founders of early stage ventures spend much time and effort seeking equity funding, because their venture is too early for customer money (“sales”) and because they cannot personally qualify for debt financing.  And, many early stage ventures fail because their founders don’t understand the equity funding landscape, as they chase low probability funding for weeks and months while neglecting venture progress.

In this session, we will explore equity funding – the stages, the investors, the potential issues and the current angel trends.  Through this session, you will learn where to go shopping for funding and where not to go shopping for funding so that you can assess if your venture is ready for equity funding from family, friends, angels or venture capitalists. 

Presented by Steven Mednick, Associate Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship

USC Marshall School of Business

University of Southern California